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I'm not aware of any of those issues you mentioned. Pex is rated for 180 (I believe) & I also believe standard boilers produce high water temps (160+??). Do you have any info on issues with radiant tubing under the floor??

Solar hot water used for Radiant Pex, isn't 'hot'.  Comparing to a boiler system solar hot water thru pex is low heat.

In my case, I seldom circulate much over 100 degrees. I have a small panel (10'x5') & the temps seldom exceed 120. That only occurs when the pump initially turns on.

Of course if the pump fails to run (which has happened), it can get 'hot'. The highest temp I have seen is 180 degrees & it has occurred twice. The excessive temp only lasts less than a minute.

I did have to cover my panel once, because critters had pulled the insulation away from pipes causing a freeze-up. I do circulate Anti Freeze but did not test the AF rating (my fault). It was only good to 10 degrees. [frown] No damage was done though.

Central IL


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Hi, I'm a newbee to solar up here in British Columbia Canada and look forward to any help and guidence as I take the plunge into DIY solar heat.

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Welcome Venny,

Be aware the plunge into Solar Heat is an addiction. [smile] Once the Solar Bug bites you, it's a constant process to improve whatever you build. LOL

I'm into my 6th year with solar heat & sadly didn't find this forum until 3 yrs ago. I could have saved a lot of effort with 'guessing' what would work.

Browse the categories, pictures, etc. Decide what you think is best for you. Never hesitate to ask a question or suggest an idea. There's lots of experience on topic & we're here to share.

Central IL.

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Thanks Jeff

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Hi; new to this in Ontario Can., will be trying different methods, thankyou so much

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Welcome dardave!

We have several members from north of the border that post here often. What kind of projects were you thinking of building?

Greg in MN[wave]

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Originally Posted by Scott Davis

Welcome to the SimplySolar forum!  We're delighted to have you with us!

You've just joined a very friendly group of solar hobbyists and enthusiasts.  There are even a few professionals here!  We thoroughly enjoy discussing the hobby / art / science of solar, helping new folks get started and connecting with others who share our interest and passion!

SimplySolar is all about brainstorming and sharing ways to implement solar heat easily and inexpensively, that the average homeowner, who may not be much of a "do-it-yourselfer" (like me), can use to put money back in their pockets, green back in the environment and have a lot of fun along the way!

Regardless of the systems we install and our individual "do-it-yourself" abilities, we encourage design approaches that are easy to build and work well.  Collectors with attractive appearances, as well as low profile, neighborhood friendly or "stealthy" designs are also encouraged.  Solar can integrate well into any neighborhood.

Brainstorming new ideas is a primary theme of our group.  We are all learning from each others projects and experiments.  Everyone is encouraged to think outside the box, experiment and share their ideas!

With that in mind, a positive, encouraging, open and considerate spirit is essential!  Not every idea is going to work out, but it might lead to a brand new idea that will.  If a thought is offered that doesn't ring correctly to you, please be sure to offer your alternative view and the reasons for your belief in a positive and friendly way.  Our group will be much better for it and we all benefit by our collective care.

Along that same theme, posts on macro solar issues and political content are not allowed.  We have plenty to talk about, brainstorming our solar projects, trying/sharing experiments and helping new folks get started with solar!  Commercial links are only okay if they are used in the context of an ongoing DIY discussion.

If you are new to solar, you've just joined a great resource!  All of your questions, no matter how basic, are very welcome here.  There are lots of folks on this group who are very enthusiastic about solar and eager to help you.  One idea leads to the next and the sum of everyone's thoughts will be a great help thinking through your project.

If you have already built some solar projects, please tell the group what you have been doing and how it is working for you.  Pictures in your posts really encouraged here.  As always, a picture is worth a thousand words and takes much less time to absorb!

Most of all, jump in, participate and have fun!  In addition to all the other great reasons for solar, building solar projects and sharing ideas is a fantastic pastime!

One suggestion.  If you have a lot of questions, for the best input from the group, try to avoid a really long narrative in a single post.  Instead, break your questions down into manageable, bite sized chunks.  You'll get a lot more good information and ideas that way!

If you know others that may be interested in having fun, saving money and helping the environment with solar, please tell them about our forum!

Thanks again for joining the Simply Solar forum!  We are very glad you've joined us!


p.s.  For more about me, please visit: http://www.n3fjp.com/whon3fjp.html


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I want to ask a question and want to post a thread... but i couldn't find any link to do so..
kindly help me out

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Hello solar2power
You just have to click on the reply option on the top or bottom right of page ,or choose a suitable place to post according to the forum headings and then new topic top right.
Regards Mattie

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   Just to clarify a little more, from the main page, (click Forums from above : Solar Web Page > Forums > Welcome! )

   Then go to the section that best fits your subject area like maybe this:

Getting Started With Solar >Solar Basics 101     

Then just click the new topic tab at the top right of that subject to start a new thread.

Welcome to the group.

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