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Thinking about things overnight. I remembered that when I take a voltage reading on my own charge controller while it is charging, that the voltage level is usually the same as the battery pack voltage. So the advice I gave you about measuring the controller output may not be accurate. My mistake. If things are still looking good maybe the loose cabling was the culprit. 


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Thanks for all the info. The inverter fired up as I said, and has been running the house for two days now. Things seem normal, although it has been cloudy here. I had to add over a gallon of water to the bank. Perhaps that was because I EQ'd twice in such a short period of time. 3 days.

With that in mind, maybe the double EQ created an over charge and threw my batteries for a loop. Once removed from any load and refilled with water, could it be they calmed down, and then allowed my inverter to fire up? They're testing normal now.

Either way, I leave Tuesday for 8 months or so. I'm gonna DC disconnect the inverter from the system and turn it off, like I normally do. I have a feeling the whole bank was messed up because I hadn't EG'd enough. Guess I'll find out next summer/spring. 

Yes, the system is ancient. I was a real trail blazer in 97!

Thx JJ

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