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Thank you for the links. They aren't working on my phone but I'll be around a computer in a few hours. The article I read about solar driven pumps kind of said that not all DC powered pumps are created equal. It listed some things to look for in a pump motor that equates to longer life. Life has been busy lately and I haven't had a lot of time to devote to research. I'm currently thinking that adding a HEX to my ductwork and figuring out how to make the furnace fan run without the geo is probably an easy way to add solar heat to the house so what little research time I have has been along those lines. My geo unit is a climate master earth pure 27. It already has a thermostat that handles backup heat if the geo ever goes down. I'm thinking it's possible to reconfigure the thermostat so the geo is considered the backup heat source and the solar is the primary. This is all a little over my head. How the heat is distributed to the house affects the layout of the plumbing and pumps at the storage tank so this kind of needs to be decided before I start building. My current thinking is to make the most use out of equipment that's already installed and designed for the specific purpose of moving heat thru the house versus running radiant floor tubing and plumbing in baseboard heaters and all that. A simple loop to a HEX in the ductwork and back to the storage tank sure sounds pretty easy. If anyone has any thoughts or experience on this, any feedback is much appreciated.

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