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Hi guys, the weather is getting chilly once again here in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and I've got my solar hot air panel running again. I'm thinking about making a few improvements and I've got a question about screen placement. See the photo on post #11 to see the configuration of my collector, a triangular shaped box. The glass is sloping at about a 30 degree angle to help reduce energy loss from off-angle sun reflecting off the glass instead of penetrating through the glass.

When I built the collector last year I just used some surplus metal window screens that weren't exactly sized for the collector and it still worked pretty good. Now I'm thinking about making an exact sized double screen absorber and I'm wondering about placement. One option would be to make the absorber just a little smaller than the glass in which case it would rest about an inch behind the glass and parallel with the glazing. But due to the triangular shape of my collector another option would be to place the absorber parallel with the house wall and maybe another smaller parallel with the floor of the collector. Seems like the second somewhat more complicated option would increase efficiency by keeping the warm air column further away from the glazing. Do you think this would this be worth the extra effort?

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