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Yes, that is what I meant.  In the attached photos you can see that I plan to replace the sign plastic with a clear plexiglass. The tubes on the inside will be removed leaving an empty space to place gutters, a manifold and baffles. The question remains what will be the best placement of these items.

_MVC3121web.jpg _MVC3139web.jpg _MVC3140web.jpg


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Very interesting use of an existing structure Marino.  You could even have clear glazing and put the business logo on it (dual purpose collector and sign).  Since the box is horizontal, it would probably be better to put the in/out ducts on the left/right sides instead of the top/bottom.  Of course, it may depend on what is on the other side of the wall.

You may want to move this discussion to the Member's Projects area.

Kevin H

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Personally, I'd replace the fluo tubes, by bars, as they would contribute to structural strength...

... as well as giving some useful support to your "dual screen" [cool]


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