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IMG_20180915_175410.jpg Welcome to the Arc OF OZ homestead.  I have been using a small solar system for about a month and am upgrading. Here's what it looks like:

IMG_20180915_163304.jpg  I am adding at least 1800w of solar array to my existing 800w seen on the roof of the hut. I got lucky when Amazon sent an order of four 300w panels but only three arrived.  The replacement was going to take another two weeks, so Amazon said to just keep the three that made it and they would send another order of four panels at no charge.  Nice amenity, about $1000 worth.
IMG_20180915_180145.jpg  Battery bank comes to about 3200 amp hours.  I bought most batteries used, but their specific gravity is perfect.  The 5,000w inverter on the shelf is not as pure sine as I would like.  Motors make noise and run hot like with a modified inverter.  I have another charge controller like the one above the combiner box, but I don't yet know if I should use it.  Its "rated charge" is 1040w on my 24v system, but the "Max PV array" is 3120w.  I have posted an inquiry in another category asking what "rated charge power" is supposed to mean.  If I can get the same processed power from one, I will use one.  If a second controller will give me more, I will mount it.  All panels are set up in 48v arrays with just a tiny bit of difference in max open circuit voltage.  Amperage from each array is pretty close to the others, as well.  IMG_20180915_180233.jpgMy cottage is set up to plug into the 220 socket on my 6,500w gas generator.  I found an attachment with two 120v plugs going to a female generator socket.  I can switch from generator to inverter and vice versa with ease.  My water tank is getting insulated for winter.  The blue pump feeds the cottage.
IMG_20180915_163351.jpg  I currently get my water from a water company conveniently located less than 5 miles away.  I transfer it to the tub in the generator schack and it lasts about a week.  My neighbor has a spring on his property and might let me set up a solar pumping project for us.
IMG_20180915_163517.jpg  My old Harbor Freight panels power my AC/DC freezer on my back porch.  With the new panels, I will not need them and may use the panels and batteries to power a spring-fed water supply. I will need a high pressure, low volume pump because the spring is in a hollow far below my 1300ft. elevation.  From Planet X to a "controlled nuclear war", this may be the best place to be for now, provided the herds of White Tail Deer don't trample me.  Of course, if the Northern Hemisphere is trashed by an "uncontrolled nuclear exchange" it will be time to head South of the Equator.  I speak a little Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese and have done some work down there. barranquilla.jpg  Barranquilla, Colombia, 1993 Salvage of the Sun Dancer. Largest intransport find of Cocaine in Colombian drug-intervention operations. Picture shows about 1/4 of the 1400 kilos salvaged from the sunken vessel. It was packaged in water-tight wraps inside 50 gallon drums of Passion Fruit Extract.
How the ship developed a hole at the bottom of the cargo hold that sank the vessel remains a "mystery".
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Yes, a second controller will allow you to handle more amps, therefore more watts. 

Is all your equipment running off the inverter?  If so you might compare the cost of the additional controller to the cost of a new 48v inverter.  It MIGHT be less expensive to go to the higher voltage.  

See the other thread.

Solar is like the wind. It may be free, but putting it to work isn't!
Willie, Tampa Bay
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