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Pro's and Con's of Grundfos and Lorentz well pumps. 

(Well specs: 105' Static water level, 45' drawdown at 15 GPM Well report attached) 

My well is complete and now I'm designing my solar pump. (I'm completely off grid). 

I have been researching Grundfos and Lorentz pumps what are the pro's and con's??

Specifically, I have been looking at the Grundfos 11 SQF-2 and Lorentz PS2-1800. 

Rick H Parker

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What I like about the Grundfos is the any voltage feature, 30 - 300v AC or DC. One can power them off just about anything. Direct hookup to PV panels, batteries generator. No additional hardware needed. Less to go wrong.

One thing I don't like about Lorentz is their poorly written Technical specs. They read like they where written by a MBA instead of a engineer.

Rick H Parker
Kansas, USA
Electronics Engineering Technologist

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Agree with Mr. Parker.  My half horsepower Grundfos at 220 feet directly powered by two panels on a ground mount is a wonder!  I pumped 800 gallons into a 3,000 gallon tank two days ago with just three late afternoon and somewhat overcast hours of sunshine.  And that was through 300 feet of garden hose.  I didn't put a pressure meter on the hose end at the tank but just a thumb over the hose end and I could squirt water for 30 feet or more.  I also water 20 young apple trees via 5 gallon 'Tree IV' buckets, one at each tree, at least weekly.  Takes about 30 minutes to drag a hose down the two rows of trees and put 100 gallons into the 20 5 gallon buckets.  I am totally sold on Grundfos.  BTW, my ground mount for the panels is loose enough so I can, with a bit of effort, turn the panels for best sun angle.  I've  gone almost to sundown several times doing this and still got good output.  Regards....  GOM in New Mexico    
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