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I just found this, very interesting, would I buy 30 panels for less than a grand even though I don't know how to hook them up?



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They do give the data required to understand the electrical part. 
SunPower parts are not meant to be compatible with other hardware. For instance, the open-circuit voltage is higher than most microinverters or optimizes can take and the connectors are proprietary. That said the voltage will be about twice as much as a standard 305-watt panel and half the current, I know they are not that different but they are very different. 
your biggest problem is how good are these panels. Are they junk?
They say they were operational when removed which indicates they are used. 
On the plus side, you could make a nice patio cover with them if they do not work.
The video shows a racking system for a flat roof which does not agree with the photo
If you are really getting 9050 Watts DC for $1000 or about 11 cents a watt that is about 6 times better price than anything I have seen.


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Sunpower panels are considered "premium" but most were designed for series connection to grid-tied string inverters where you are talking about several hundred volts. They were not designed for microinverters which probably didn't even exist at the time.

Your best bet is to connect them to a "string" inverter such as a "Sunny Boy", but bear in mind the high working voltage. Might be best to talk to a local pro.

You can also use them off-grid with an MPPT charge controller.

My Sunpower panels are still going strong after ten years with very little decline, and they cost me a whole lot more than 11c/watt!

Solar is like the wind. It may be free, but putting it to work isn't!
Willie, Tampa Bay

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I have to get more educated to be able to take advantage of a good deal when it comes along.

Seen a lot of 'good deals' that weren't so good in the long run.

I've expanded the load side of my setup. So I use a lot more juice than I used to and it's about 1000 ft away from the original installation. That's where I think I can add some panels myself.

I'm in the 5th year of my Sun Power lease. I owe SCE $2100 and we're in month 7.

I think about buying a few panels and small inverter and repeat as needed.

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