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Julian Jameson

Posts: 152
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This could be a sign of air pollution, too. Particles in the lower levels of the atmosphere, that are moving around quickly, and perhaps "randomly", while absorbing some sunlight.

Although we're not down-wind of them, there's a pulp mill (old and inefficient) and a coal-fired power generating station about 10-15 miles NE of our location.

Originally Posted by netttech
You mentioned clouds & agree that may the issue.

The weather has been crappy here also for solar heaters, projects.

This week I conducted a test of copper tubing for a parabolic project.I noticed a shift in recorded temps 1 minute apart between the 2 copper tubes. One lost 6 degrees, the other gained 5 degrees.

After 2-3 minutes the shift occurred again, only reversed. I then noticed I had hi-wispy clouds that wasn't visibly noticeable on the panel. I think even though the clouds didn't cast a 'shadow' it interacted with the materials of the tubing I was testing.

I wonder if that is what's occurring for you?
Central IL
Solar air & water

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