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Hi All,

Total newbie here. I apologize if these questions have been covered -- I just couldn't find it in the search...

My setup is to be used primarily in the event of power outage or for camping. So far, I have:

* 2 Interstate Deep Cycle Extreme golf cart batteries rated at 225ah and connected to create 12 volts.

* 100 watts, 18 volt solar panels (Harbor Freight). Based on their exposure, I am averaging 2.25 amps/hour.

* PWM charge controller from Amazon.

* 5,000 watt inverter (non pure sine wave).

Despite no load beyond the charge controller, the most I have been able to charge the "battery" over the last 5 sunny days using just the solar panels is to 72%. This drops off overnight to the mid 60% range. The inverter has been turned off, but the charge controller has remained connected.  Is some of the loss of voltage overnight due to the controller being connected? How much (of that loss)?

I plan on replacing the panels with one 435 watt (85.6 VOC, 5.97 amp) panel from SunPower (I am getting the panel for free from a friend). I will be buying a MPPT charge controller that will be rated for up to 100 volts.

Will these changes help get the battery charged to full ? 

And a more basic question:  If the charge controller is reading that the battery is at 70% capacity, what is it relating to in terms of how many amps are in storage? is it 70% of 225? Or ???

May All Your Days be Sunny,

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