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I ran across some 12 volt batteries  that I can pick up fairly cheap
 And I would like to know if they would be good batteries for a solar set up 
 they are Enersys 12HX505   I found some info on them but I can't make much sense of it.
   Let me know what you think of these batteries 


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There are so many websites that provides the best batteries for solar systems. So, you can check on Google according to your requirement and region.
Inutec Solar Center

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I can tell u that best battery suitable for Solar energy is Saltwater which is newcomer in home energy storage industry.
Best solar flood lights - Top reviews of 2018
Best solar flood lights - Top reviews of 2018  

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Hi kids,
I am a relatively new guy in the solar world. But I have installed a 48V system on my off-grid cabin. However there was an issue.

I'll make it short. 48V system, 9 panels, Magna inverter. I had (8) 6V batteries. They froze solid two years ago and I've been without the solar power since. Let's not get into why they froze, I now know why. The batteries were Rolls 440aH Lead Acid. I'm about to buy new batteries, sadly I cannot afford the 440aH batteries anymore as they've gone way up in price. I was considering getting (8) 220aH 6V batteries realizing the reduction of total battery power.

Here's my question, can I install (8) 120ah 6V batteries for now and then add more batteries for additional storage/power later? Meaning, after a little while longer, could I add 2 or 4 or 6 more 120 ah batteries for the additional power/storage and still maintain the 48V system?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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You could do that, but it is generally not recommended to mix batteries of different ages. Maybe if there were only a few months difference in time you could get by with it.
And you'd likely have to add another full eight batteries to create a 48v parallel circuit.

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