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Hello. My first time posting here. I am trying to decide my best options for solar at our family home. I have narrowed my options down to 2 quotes. Both quotes are at about the same price point. Option 1 offers less energy production, but is it a better option for panel quality? Both systems will utilize the Solar Edge inverter with Power Optimizers. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

We have a south facing roof with no shading or obstructions. Our annual energy usage is 14,196 kWh

Option 1: LG Neon 2 Black LG325N1k-A5 315 watt x 32 panels = 10.08 kW system 14,069 kWh annually.

Option 2: Jinko Solar Eagle HC 72M 385 watt x 27 panels = 10.395 kW system 14,421 kWh annually.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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