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Sorry for the many questions, but getting bitten by the solar bug turns you into a crazy mad scientist.

Among my many choices/testing thoughts - I had in mind a long horizontal collector (not settled on a design (ZP, downspout).

I would have a theoretical ~4' vertical, and ~6-8' horizontal run from the hot end back into the house for a temporary install.

Being that's some interesting space, some of which could be taken up by passing the air through a second vertical collector....would it make any sense to keep the run going into a hot air collector instead of insulated flex duct? The exit of the second hot air collector would be closer to the window (but higher) so it would have to flow back down about 3 feet after exiting the secondary vertical collector.

Would it be worth pursuing the second connector in place of more flex duct? or is there a likely point of diminishing return?

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