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Additionally(no pun intended), you would want to consider if you want the two inverters to work together as one larger 6000 watt inverter or as two separate 3000 watt inverters. Some manufacturers have interface boxes that allow multiple inverters to work together. Following shows a link to an example. 



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Wasn't aware that device was available, but it would be good to be able to "stack" inverters.  
Solar is like the wind. It may be free, but putting it to work isn't!
Willie, Tampa Bay
Rick H Parker

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Stacking is micro-grid synchronization. A feature that is built into some inverters. 
It is a communication channel that enables synchronization of the inverters.
One inverter is the master and the slaves inverters follow the master.
When the inverter outputs are synchronized, the outputs of the inverters can be combined.
Similar technology is used on the grid to keep outputs of different generators from bucking each other. 

Rick H Parker
Kansas, USA
Electronics Engineering Technologist
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