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I have a few sub-optimal places for testing, but would be nice to see some heat gains for basically nothing.

#1 involves bringing basement air from a window into a "mud room" window on the first floor. 

Advantage: height
Disadvantage: building a temporary stand, ~5 feet of ducting away from the house, sunlight till about 2:30pm

#2 involves strapping to my porch

Advantage: 10a-dusk sun
Disadvantage: some tree shading - particularly after 4pm, input and output basically through the same window

Since building a bigger hydronic system with a storage tank and some between joist PEX is a long term goal and super expensive - I figured a quick and easy 4x8 dual pass would be an easy thing to get some bonus "free" heat, though each of these options are not rooms where anyone spends a lot of time during the day.

The #2 room does have 2 windows, which are just 3 feet apart anyway, so the thought of building a single temporary duct would be easier than 2. Both windows themselves are shaded by the porch and are of no useful solar value.

#1 room does have morning solar value on it's own, some of which would end up blocked by the temporary ducting.

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