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I have a 1x4 meters (3.2x13 feet according to Google) ZP collector which is running too hot now in Spring. That means that I risk melting the internals and I am also losing valuable heat through the glazing:
The collector peaked at 75 C which is 165 F. 

I have one of these fans at the max speed:

I would like to add one more to come on when the temp in the collector gets too high.
However I am not keen on taking down and opening up the collector at this stage. I can do a proper job when summer comes as it will be taken down then to be stored away anyway.
Therefore I wonder if I would get any benefit from splicing in an extra fan in the existing ducting
My ducting is only 100 mm (3.9 inches) though
I could add a Y to the ducting both at the inlet and output of the collector. However that would still leave huge bottlenecks as it enters and exits the collector.
So my question is whether you think it would improve things or would I be wasting my time? 


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Having an excess of heat is a good thing to have as long as you have a way to control it.

First, lean a board over the lower portion of the collector to reduce the temp inside the collector until you can make any needed changes. The small size of your ducts makes it difficult to get a lot of air through a system, regardless of the fan, or fans being used. And being that the heater may only be needed a few more weeks, a short term solution might be best at this point. In addition to partially covering the face of the collector you could also allow a small amount of cool outdoor air in through the intake. Just make sure critters don't try and gain access. A more powerful fan could replace the current fan in a swap that would take a couple of minutes. Adding a second fan, along with wiring a second snap switch could also be added, but takes more time. If you do add a second fan on the exhaust side of the system, make sure it can handle the temperatures as it could shut down, or worse. 

If it were me, I'd use temporary solutions to get me by until it's time to take it down for the season. And as you need more airflow, you could also consider changing to larger ducts. 4" ducts are just a bit too small for good airflow. Larger ducts will also give you many more options as far as a fan, or fans are concerned. 

Again, lots of heat is what we strive for. You just need to harness that heat with proper airflow.

Greg in MN


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It looks like lots of room in the duct for another fan.  75C is much to hot for this early in the spring...a good problem.  I don't know how much longer you are going to leave it up, but I a agree with Greg that it would be easier and more efficient to go to a larger duct work. size and a larger fan.  I have a 6 foot by 12 foot  (2x4 m) and use 8 inch duct for a short distance and that seems perfect for my little bit of sun.  
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