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Looking forward to it!
Solar is like the wind. It may be free, but putting it to work isn't!
Willie, Tampa Bay


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We have had several good days lately, weather very mild, so managed to get a few test sessions in (perhaps 4 or 5).

I have been documenting the test less, and relying more on "feel" to determine how the system is performing.

Also, I am using an electronic temperature device, instead of alcohol
(well, I still use the alcohol -- quite a lot actually -- but AFTER the tests...) [biggrin]

The major change is, I upgraded the ducting to six inch diameter, and it shows !

Also, I just run the fan on HIGH, all the time, as messing with speed-changing feels like a waste of time (and energy!).

I improved the fan delivery by lengthening the duct from 9 inches to two feet with a semi-rigid aluminum section that I can point a bit.

The blast out of the duct is surprising - easily felt one meter away. I still have not determined actual airflow in CFM.

I found a similar fan to mine and it says it pushes 750 m3/hr = 430 CFM.
I could maybe believe this, actually !

For my thinking, the duct exit is still too close to the backwall (read, system effect) but that is a minor point at the moment...

Finally, I also got the set-up a lot more ergonomic, down to just a minute or two.
(Translation: my hyperactive canine assistant (admirer...) no longer ecapes during the process...).

So I just dump bulk FACADE air into the garage.
This is external air, warmed through the slates.
So low-grade  heat - nothing astronomic here.
Purely experimental.
(my wife says to remove the "experi" bit...)

Fan exit temp is best measured by moving the recorder in a continuous spiral motion, "along the axis of blast", moving longitudinally to and fro, to over one meter from the duct exit.

After a minute of this fatiguing (fun) exercise, the temperature just about maxes out.

Greatest TD I have seen is 5°C (= 9°F) over and above the external air temp.

I was pretty happy with this: without the system operating, the garage temp would only rise about 2°C (4°F) above ambient, and it is real s-l-o-w).

I bought an activated carbon filter and installed it upstream of the fan, thinking it would intercept any nasties (= strands of fiberglass, and DUST...)... However, this filter cut down the airflow pretty dramatically, so I immediately removed it, and now I have it "sort-of taped up", after the air delivery end, like a flap, hoping it might perform just SOME...

I suspect what I need is a wider-mesh screen, upstream again. (To be tested).

One or two final final points:

I installed another three steel liners inside the facade slots, thinking they might "fix" slate heat and improve heat-transfer to air...

Again, their effect will be difficult to evaluate, I suspect.
However, that does not matter, as their main benefit will be for my when I install a copper HYDR collector.

(for which I will be posting another update soon...)

so watch this space !
thanks for watching this channel
(all mis-opinions, errors and bad design practice will be corrected later) [rolleyes]


(1)  "Heat goes from hot to cold, there is no directional bias"
(2) It's wrote, "voilà" unless talking musical instruments...
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