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Sorry if this comes off as an advertisement, but I intend it to just be informational and conversational.  I posted to the forum years ago and people provided some useful feedback since you guys are experts in the solar field.

We make a residential heliostat, which is a mirror on motors that tracks the sun putting the sun's reflection onto a fixed object all day.  For example, I've got one that points in through a picture window onto my lemon tree so it stays happy all winter here in New England.

Many people use our heliostat for plants or for brightening up a room or giving an extra blast of sunlight to anything that needs it.

We use a 2 foot diameter mirror, so it isn't going to heat a whole house or anything, but it is the equivalent of around 50 60 watt lightbulbs.

Our old heliostat was pretty unwieldy and used a manual type setup.  This, our next generation heliostat, uses your smartphone and a bluetooth connection for setup and status.  Technically, it is a clock-work style heliostat since it uses the time of day and knowledge of its position on earth to calculate where the sun is.

If you want to take a look, the website is http://www.wikoda.com.  We are hard at work on the third generation so I'd love feedback now if anyone has any.

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