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I searched the forum but "plenum" has a few meanings and brought up a ton of irrelevant stuff. Does anyone here have experience with a forced air HEX installed in the plenum of a standard AC and furnace?

Does the fan working on circulate mode really work? Does the HEX inline with the blower restrict airflow when in furnace mode? My plenum is apparently ABOVE the AC coil, which all the videos seem to talk about a plenum below the AC and above the furnace. Not sure if that's an issue.

Is there any "benefit" to adding additional HEX at various points in the ductwork to improve heat in areas farther from the blower or just rooms that need a little extra heat?

Also, I've read about some heat pump installations where a hex is installed in the return duct (pre-blower) -- is that a possibility as well? 

Curious to know about people who are using hydronic with existing ductwork. The nails on my hardwood floor are going to be a pain in the butt to do staple up or spreader rails.


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If you're talking of a water-to-air HEX yes I'm pretty sure it would work, just using the furnace fan.  I think a few have tried it.

Run a search on "space heater" and you should find useful information. 

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