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good afternoon 

first post but ive been reading for about a year now

im trying to get the wife on board with installing a few of these on the property but shes afraid the city might not like them and they might not look good so i want to start slow

i have a pretty big garage and it was a used as the office of the previous owners business, its got 3 garage bays and one is turned into an office space, i use it as my man cave / storage for what the wife don't want around the house hahah.

i wanted to replace the whole front door with a 8'x8' hot air collector but i think im going to just remove the glass from the doors and build 2 small collectors on the actual door, this way i dont have to remove the doors and loose a form of egress.

so far im having issues because i cant get the glass out of the door ( ones cracked and they are covered with black vinyl sticker material ) anyone ever take one of these doors apart ?
i have included a gallery link


next hurdle 

110 vac or 12vdc?

id like to use 12v and get a few solar panels to power the fans  it seems like the cost of the electricity will offset the cost of the pv panels over time and i can run the fans if there is a power outage, only had 2 outages in the last 10 years so im not to worried about that.

110 v fans seem to be better built and pretty standard then  can just plug it in get a snap switch and im off to the races.

ive been searching around and i have a few ideas that id like to pass along and get some opinions

instead of some odd flapper build from scrounged parts have anyone used something like either one of these

they seem like they would match right up to a 4" computer fan nicely 

or these

i think the sun level would dictate how much power the fans are getting if i was to use a solar panel to run them, but am i overthinking it to want a fan speed controller instead of a on off snap switch?  what about 2 snap switches mounted at different heights to get the fans to come on a different temperatures ?

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