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Hey Everyone- I live in Tampa and haven't really seen much penetration of SOLAR by ANYONE! I would love to start a group or even create a COMPANY that taught others how to source and build the necessary components. Any suggestions would be welcome.The issue is that the Building Industry here, including Building Officials are resistant to anything that disrupts the status quo. I feel like we should be encouraging Solar modalities and supporting them before throwing ANY money at programs that simply pay down someone's electric bill occasionally. Also, when reading a recent excellent build submission, I thought sadly of the dumpsters FULL of wood, plywood, and extra supplies thrown away on every new homesite in my neighborhood (a lot!) And that isn't even mentioning the houses torn down first.
How does everyone feel about starting a meetup to gauge interest first? Or should I go to business meetings and try and recruit others that way?


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There ARE contractors in the area but I'll agree penetration isn't what you might expect for Florida. Our Republican government isn't all that co-operative and the utilities are against it, unless of course THEY can turn a buck on it.

While the cost of equipment has come down dramatically, labor hasn't and home solar is a somewhat labor intensive affair as every house is different and presents different challenges.

I think there would be a market for a "solar carport" that could be built in-house in standard sizes and set up in a few hours. Were I younger I'd pursue it myself.

Aside from pool and DHW, there isn't much need for solar thermal, as our heating season is too short. PV however is another story as it pairs nicely with a heat pump.

A solar homebuilder you might contact is: http://www.solarkinghomes.com

Solar is like the wind. It may be free, but putting it to work isn't!
Willie, Tampa Bay
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