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I've already moved so it's been detached and is sitting in my new garage.  

It's 5.5 feet by 8 feet. I don't know what the BTU output is. It provided about a third of the heat in my 2200 sq foot home in Denver. 

Just thought someone on the forum in Denver might be interested in it. 

Denver, CO

Double screen hot air collector


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I sold my first 4x8 solar heater a year and a half ago for $150. It was 5 years old when I sold it and had seen better days, although it wasn't meant to still be in use after the original testing. I just never had the heart to sell it, nor did I want to leave it to sit since it did still work very well. And if I ever had the need to test another collector design, it was always available. This collector was the original 4'x8' 2-screen collector that I used to test against my ZeroPass prototype. The box was simple 1x6 wood and the glazing was cracked as I may have installed it upside down. The sale price included all ducts, wiring, fans, and installation etc.. I sold it to a friend up the street who was very curious about my solar heater so wanted to try it for himself, even after I explained all of the shortcomings of the older collector. 

It's hard to get your money back on materials from a DIY build from my experience, unless it happens to be made of superior materials and craftsmanship. Offering to install the heater will help. But I think the interest in solar heat will get diminish as we move into spring, so you may not have the time to hold the line on the asking price. Again, good luck, and hope for a few weeks of record cold temps. 

Greg in MN
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