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Which connector is male and which is female? Which goes to positive and which goes to negative? I'm very confused because some solar web sites call the connector that looks like a jack, male and some call it female. Also, YouTube videographers conflict. Looking at the metal parts that go inside the plastic housing, the larger metal tube, which one would assume is the female, goes into the plastic connector that looks like a male body part.

So is male/female reckoned by the outside appearance or inside structure? And, does the male connect to the + or - side of the panel?
This site illustrates the plastic housing which looks like a male body part and calls it female. https://www.leadergroup-cn.com/how-to-connect-mc4-connectors.html

This site says put the male into the female and in the video names them according to their outward appearance. https://www.prostarsolar.net/support/faq/how-to-assemble-mc4-connectors-and-mc4-wiring-cables.html

This site illustrates the plastic housing which looks like a male body part and calls it female and says it is positive!


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The left is the female end,the right is the male.Male plugs into female.Im not sure on that connector what is pos or neg,I have no experience with those,I just check connections with a meter when I do them,someone else will have to answer that.
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