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Was shopping at Menards today and found some inline fans by Suncourt. The 6" ones in the the store were duct boosters rated at free air 160 cfm $27. Menards.com online they have centrifugal fans in 4,6,8,10, & 12" models. The 6" is rated up to 420cfm $160, and has a model w/variable speed controller $185.
On their web page go to heating and cooling, then ductwork, then booster fans. [Suncourt_DB206]  [VS106_kitimage] 


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The cheap inline booster fans usually aren't worth the money. As you noted, the free air rating was 160CFM, which means how many CFM if will move with NO restrictions. They don't handle back pressure well since they are made to assist air that is already moving. A 2-screen collector, for example, has one of the lowest air flow resistance of any collector design. But you also have to consider the ductwork, including any flex duct and elbows. So by the time you get the air back into the house, you might only have half of the free-air 160CFM. 

I've found all of my fans at thrift stores, such was Habitat ReStore, Craig's list, or garage sales. A small collector only needs a small fan. Old exhaust fans, range hood fans and furnace fans are just some of the fans you can square for little of nothing. But a bigger fan can always be turned down with a speed control. I've also been surprised at the selection you can find on Amazon. Do a search for Inline Duct Fans. You can narrow the search to only show the specific diameter you are looking for. 


Greg in MN


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Thanks Greg, that was on my to do list for today. Much lower priced fans on Amazon.

I'm building a down spout collector similar to Scott's, 21.5"x12'x6" od with 2 ds in each run, 10x18x4.5 id plenums on each end, 6" in/out.
It will come in a basement window also but mine is at ground level so I just have maybe a foot to get in the house.
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