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Interesting replies. [smile] The purpose of the test is to determine if one collector material may out perform another. To find various materials that is easy to install, cheap, & perform well. In this case, both screen & the foil is very easy to install & economical.

I wanted no possible advantage of the screen (air flowing thru, if there is any) over cinefoil. With both collector material being flat with airflow available on both sides of the material, it should result in a pretty fair test.

There's been various posts thru the years about air flowing thru screen or not. At one point it was 'thought' that having multiple passes thru screen, was the best. It was determine the more passes thru screen, increased the airflow resistance. I 'had' a 5 pass screen panel several years ago..temps were higher, but little airflow. Someone on the forum has 'zero-pass' screen panels. I don't remember his performance results.

In the end I believe both materials has merits & will produce good collectors. It really comes down to which material you want to work with. My window panel currently has both, 2 layers of screen & cinefoil tubes. Making tubes is more labor involved & it doesn't seem to be necessary. There may be a slight advantage in the tube form, with more material exposed, airflow.

I'm making a post today, comparing the cinefoil against black aluminum flashing in the same panel. [smile]

Central IL
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