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You're right on the supply side economics but what do you do about it, when governments are corrupted by the oligarchs and corporations? 10-12 years ago you could even get a tax break for buying a "commercial" vehicle over a certain weight. But mechanically what's the difference between a truck or van used for commercial delivery or light hauling and the same model used to tow a pleasure boat, other than the fancy paint job and carpet? Heck even a Prius can be used commercially, as a taxi.

We used to have a "gas guzzler" tax to discourage large cars... the same could be applied to trucks. If you have a business and actually need it, you apply for a rebate. Same thing for a fuel tax.

But in THIS political environment, it won't happen.

Solar is like the wind. It may be free, but putting it to work isn't!
Willie, Tampa Bay


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Thank you all!!
Just one doubt. If I have the energy for 20 yrs, then does the same conversion holds good? I.e. CO2 reduced/22

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Hi All,

Thank you for the comments.

Just have one doubt. Shall I use the same conversion factor if it is for 20 years.

For Example: CO2 reduced/20

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