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If you want to share videos then YouTube is the best way millions of people search videos only on YouTube. So this is the best way to promote and spread something useful to people.
If we talk about Facebook then younger's are maximum use this social site. It is also beneficial But YouTube is main site for videos.  

Old McDonald

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I have received an email reminder that I have not been active recently. I think that was a great idea. It might not attract new people, but it should keep all members interested.

I do look in quite frequently (not so much the past couple of weeks due to other commitments for my limited time) but lack the practical experience to be able to make comments on almost all the planned projects, so do not participate in the discussion.

I do have a bit more knowledge about the "fringe" areas. I also take every opportunity to lead people here.  

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Old McD-

The amount of traffic on SS changes seasonally. Right now solar heating is quite slow, while solar PV is peaking. Once we get to late summer into fall, traffic increases dramatically for solar heat and water. I've never seen reminders, not that I need one, but to remind someone about a project they were thinking of building is a great idea. I wonder how or who generates these emails, and if they can be tailored as opposed to a generic reminder?

As Michael mentioned, a SS Facebook page would be a great idea to attract a different demographic, and their new ideas. And YouTube is a great site to share ideas and link them to SS. It's the younger crowd that is more in tune with the green energy. While we grey-haired tinkerers tend to use solar as a practical and fun hobby. 

Greg in MN

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Originally Posted by gbwillson
... I wonder how or who generates these emails, and if they can be tailored as opposed to a generic reminder?...

Me too [smile] I'll forward this question to Scott.


Both temperature rise and airflow are integral to comparing hot air collectors

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The forum software probably has an autoresponder or one was added. Set it up once and it's on auto pilot.
Bert K.

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