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I have been thinking of using APsystems QS1 4 panel 1200 watt microcontrollers for a new build on a house I am moving into soon. 
350-watt panels have a max short circuit current of between 9 and 10 amps.
The QS1 spec sheet shows a maximum short circuit current of 15 amps. 
Is the QS1 counting on the panel to limit current to less than 15 amps?
My roof slopes are East and West. The Westside has limited room due to 50-foot trees shading most of the roof.

I have been thinking of paralleling 2 350 watt panels on each input with one panel on each slope. That way I should be able to keep the max current input to less than 15 amps and increase the output hours.
It would also allow 8 panels per inverter. There is a 3 inverter limit on each 20 amp breaker protected branch line.
If I can do 24 panels at 350 WDC for a total of 8400 DC Watts without the need for a subpanel and use one 240 volt breaker in the main panel. The line would go threw a knife switch and a production meter on the way to the main panel.
That would save 3 inverters 1 trunk cable, and a subpanel.  
What am I not seeing?

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