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Good evening, I've been perusing the site looking at the ZP/DP collectors. Being the other side of the pond to you chaps I've been searching for something suitable, ideally on a roll. I wonder, would this product I've found be suitable?


Many thanks


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It would be fine-Screen or mesh by the roll is economical. Not only is it far cheaper in bulk, but you will have enough to replace any screens around the home that may need replacing. And having plenty of extra screen around also means you can experiment with your absorber, or build a new, improved collector for next year. 

Aluminum screen is normally twice the price of fiberglas. Aluminum screen might last a bit longer than fiberglas screen, but not by much. I have fiberglas screens on my home that are 17 years old. Only the South facing screens are showing any wear. Aluminum is harder to work with, is stiff, and always seems to poke you in the fingers during assembly.  I would suggest purchasing a charcoal or black colored screen if available. Less paint means a better heat transfer. We give even dark screens a light coat of flat black paint to minimize any sheen they may have.

They both perform about the same when it comes to heat output. 

Greg in MN

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Thanks for that. I wonder if somebody would be kind enough to point me at a simple ZP/DO design on here that I could take a look at (there's so many). One with a good explanation of how it all works please.

I've ordered a roll of aluminium screen so that's a start!

Thank you.

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Though screen is common here in England it is rarely used.  A simple question like Onoff asked about the screen is because they are so unfamiliar with any screens on the windows.  It also greatly cuts down on their options as few stores carry it. 
I kind of remember Garage Hermit going through some of the same issues.  I think he found shade cloth easier to find locally there.  Aluminum screen will last longer and may be better for building with.  We use a lot of fiberglass screen because it is cheaper and seems to work just as well.  It is also easier to work with as it cuts easier, is easier on the hands, easier to stretch flat etc.
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