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The research team from the Thermal Machines and Engines Section at the University of Cordoba performed an experimental study that validated the effectiveness of a heating system that heats air in buildings using solar radiation.

The device uses a series of heat collectors, known as UTCs (Unglazed transpired collectors), that absorb the heat generated in the outer layer of the facade when hit with sun rays. Later, using this energy, the ventilation air is preheated before going into the residences to heat them.

The system, patented decades ago, "has not had widespread use in Europe, other than a few experimental buildings", explains the lead author, Fernando Peci.

The team installed the device on a test module of 4x2 meters subjected to the normal conditions of a home. Over the course of a month, during winter, this heat collector was monitored throughout different weather conditions such as solar radiation, room temperature, wind and solar radiation angle of impact.

According to the study's results, the heating demands needed to heat the building would be covered for 75% of the days accounted for in the study, proving that "this technology could offer great performance in order to heat buildings using solar energy", especially those without much glass on their facades and facing southwards, as the Northern Hemisphere receives more natural light during the day from that direction.

Both temperature rise and airflow are integral to comparing hot air collectors

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