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Rick 60

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Well i finally joined this group and i have to say there are a lot of great ideas. I have all ready picked up some good ideas for my situation here in Kansas. After researching extensively on space heating via electrical production from wind and solar and hot water panels i have settled on Hot Air panels and came up with a design that i attached here. Any and all productive criticism is greatly appreciated. I am planning on using the same downspout design described here but testing this design with reflectors. I am currently seriously considering the parabolic reflectors and 4" dryer vent duct for the collector. I am experienced with sheet metal work so these designs can be simply achieved. So let the discussion begin. Thanks Rick

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Rick 60

Posts: 2
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After several hours of hours of research i have decided to make a simple downspout design! 

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Downspouts make a great heater. They are also cheap, and often on sale at the big box stores. The thinner the aluminum the better, as this aluminum transfers the heat from the sun to the "dark" side of the downspout. There has also been some discussion about partially flattening the downspouts. The thought being that the air moving through the downspout will be closer to the heated sides. Another thought is to add turbulence to the inside air so the moving air doesn't become to laminar where the main flow of air stay in the middle of the downspout and away from the heated sides. The search works pretty good. Search for downspouts and turbulence. There are several experiments and scientific studies that you will find enlightening! One of our members even tried using fishing lure spinners inside his tubes to disrupt the airflow a bit. 

Greg in Minnesota[wave]
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