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Hello Cwwilson721
I'm drifting quite a lot of the original topic.I should have tried post a new thread on building a  STES(Seasonal thermal energy storage) tank.With the aim of harvesting as much solar energy as possible during the summer months, to be drawn from over the winter months,provided the heat loss from the tank can be kept to a minimum .I was choosing to build a vertical rectangular shaped tank as a result of the article garage hermit posted regarding tank shape and stratification.
Regards Mattie


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I think if you're going to collect heat "during the summer" to use "over the winter" you're going to need a whopping amount of storage, say on the size of a swimming pool or even larger.  My guess the only reasonable location would be underground.

Some folks in Texas came up with a similar idea some 40+ years ago, but I've never heard any more about it.

Solar is like the wind. It may be free, but putting it to work isn't!
Willie, Tampa Bay
Gray Edwards

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Originally Posted by mattie
Hello Gray Edwards.
Very good point! Any ideas how the reinforcement could be done?
Regards Mattie

I think that by the time you reinforce it, you'd be better off starting off with something else, something stronger.  Others may have ideas, but that is JMO.
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