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A Promising Solar Energy Breakthrough Just Achieved 1,000-Degree Heat From Sunlight

A new startup backed by Bill Gates says it has managed to harness solar energy to greater effect than ever before, generating enough heat from a field of mirrored panels to drive the production of cement, steel and glass – processes that are usually reliant on fossil fuels.

Both temperature rise and airflow are integral to comparing hot air collectors


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This seems a lot more promising with Bill Gates backing it than if Elon Musk was backing it. 

Greg in MN

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It seems to me that if all that money were spent fixing and building energy efficient homes, the energy not used would put energy companies out of business. Every home in the US should be given an energy audit and changes implemented. If all homes used 20% less energy I would say mission accomplished. I have been working on a list of things you could do around the house that would accomplish just that.

As many of the Simply Solar bloggers know: A dollar not spent on energy in your home is certainly a dollar saved. It's all about ROI (Return On Investment).

Jim From IL

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Good points Jim!

Several years before I even thought about building solar heaters I did several tasks around the house to make it as air tight and insulated as was practical. Some were cost effective, such as weatherstripping and stopping up leaks, and adding insulation to the attic. Others, such as replacing the old, single pane windows with new, Low-E windows were not, at least at the time. Window replacement is VERY expensive and takes several years to make up the investment. Thankfully, I purchased the windows off the shelf and was able to installed them myself. It's not hard at all, but I do suggest you have someone who has replaced a window show you the proper way to remove and replace the 1st window. But after that, they are all the same. Each window after my first solo attempt only took about 30 minutes. I replaced a window or two at a time, starting with the windows I rarely expect to open for practice. Window companies typically charge about $450-$500 PER WINDOW just for the labor! The last energy task I did around my home was adding 1" polysio and Tyvek to the exterior of my home before I replaced the old cedar siding. My house is a bit too airtight and should have a fresh air exchanger, but with the dog wanting out several times per day...

If your home is poorly insulated and leaks air, you are essentially throwing money out the window. And no solar heater is going to offset that lost heat.

Greg in MN
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