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Good day. I have a small cabin with a self installed 500W. Solar system. It works ok, but would work a lot better if I had two more panels mounted on the shoreline by the lake. It's about a 100 foot run, and I'm thinking about buying two 100 foot long 10awg extension cords to move the power. I would cut the ends of the cords and replace with mc4, using all 3 wires in each extension cord. So there would be one entire extension cord dedicated to the positive, and another dedicated for the negative.
I'm assuming using all three wires in the extension cord as one increases its capacity beyond the 10awg.
Good idea or pure insanity?


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Welcome to the forum!

You're right. 3 strands in parallel should have about 1/3 the resistance (and 3X the capacity) of a single strand.

I think you might do better by getting bulk wire in the appropriate size. You should save money and work.
If I read it right, you would need 4 ga wire to roughly equal 3 strands of 10 ga.

You will reduce your amp load by putting your panels in series to double the voltage. The higher the volts, the less the amps and loss.

You'll have to compare the cost of the wire with the cost of a new inverter or charge controller.

You can help us help you if you put a nickname and approximate location in the signature space in your profile.

Solar is like the wind. It may be free, but putting it to work isn't!
Willie, Tampa Bay

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google   southwire.com, look at voltage drop.   never hang in a tree or bury an extension cord, could kill your neighbors dog or worse.  I am not big on codes but I do understand why they are needed.
tony kruger
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