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Adding some water storage to my newly almost constructed walapini. It is only partially buried and unless I get some weather cooperation, it my not get buried until I am well past the coldest part of my early growing season. I seem to recall some kind of calculator for thermal water storage. I am torn as to exactly where I want to put the barrels in the walapini. Not really getting daytime temp climbs like I want. I have only had one truly sunny day, so the dirt floor and mass of the structure may be sucking out the heat. I can fire up a small propane heater and the temp will climb to between 50 - high 60s fairly fast, then thats it. Thus I am thinking about putting black greenhouse fabric on the unfinished northwall for some heat generation. The structure is 16x32 outside. The northwall is 31 feet long, with a 1 foot difference in depth between the west and east end for drainage. I got 12 black 55 gallon drums to start. I wonder if I should space them out, stack them, put them on the low side so that has the cold air sinks it will get warmed by the barrels, ect. Thank you for your time.

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