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Hey all,  obviously very new to solar and i want to make sure im doing everything right, i would prefer not to burn my cabin down.

 So more or less i just want to get the opinions of some people who have done this before, i can read on off grid solar systems till the cows come home but electricity isn't my world. Some of the info i write will probably have nothing to do with anything but ill write everything thats stamped on my products haha

 I have:
-  one Solar panel specs are 270watt
max power voltage (vmp) 31.2v
map power current (imp) 8.65A
short circuit current (isc) 9.22A
open circuit voltage (voc) 38.2V
max system voltage 1000V
series fuse 15A
fire rating class c
-ACOPOWER 30A MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12v/24v
- three Crown 6CRV220, 220Ah 6V AGM Battery
-1000 watt inverter
120vac 60hz, 1000w/803a continuous

so i believe i have everything i need to as far as the products go, i just need to know if my panel will work with the charge controller i have and how to set up my batteries.

Questions are:

1)since my charge controller is for 12v/24v can i just set up my batteries to 18v? or should i buy one more and make it a 24v or 12v?
2) For the wiring i have some old 8gauge extension cord can i just cut this up and add ends to use from the charge controller to the batteries and to the inverter? (i can't see why not its 8 gauge wire and its wrapped its not bare wire)
3) Do i need to add fuses between all of the products? can i just buy fuse holders and wire them in?
4) What about grounding the system, my inverter has a ground screw do i just have to go off of that or would i ground everything separately? does everything need to be grounded? this is where i have the most trouble.

  thanks in advance and thanks for the add i look forward to helping others when i've learned enough


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1) check your inverter and determine what its INPUT requirement is, and set up the rest of your system accordingly.

2) I've never seen an 8 gauge extension cord, are you sure? The size wire you need is determined by the amperage, which in turn is determined by the operating voltage and the load. Your manuals should have recommendations.
For 12v I'd use:
Panel to controller 14 ga
Controller to bat 10 ga
Battery to inverter 4 ga, 2 ga, or larger. Inverters require a LOT of current, follow instructions.
Though not required I'd use the same size for 24v.
If you think you might expand the system later, size your wires accordingly. You'll save work and money later.
You can download an "ampacity table"

3) Fuses though not always required ARE a good idea.

4) The inverter is generally grounded to the chassis if there is one, otherwise to a ground rod. Panel frame to chassis or ground rod. Everything else will ground to the inverter through the power cord.

Solar is like the wind. It may be free, but putting it to work isn't!
Willie, Tampa Bay

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Awesome thanks for the reply, as for the extension cords theyre from my dads barn i think from his old welding stuff
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