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from stuff.mit.edu/afs/athena/dept/cron/project/concrete-sustainability-hub/Literature Review/Building Energy/Thermal Mass/The role of ThermalMass on the cooling load of buildings_Computational methods overview 1995.pdf :

======== ========= ============== ==============
"Thermal mass isn't easy to understand, and its effects are difficult to measure and predict. No wonder builders resist adding thermal mass to their buildings except where high-mass materials are standard. For the most part, it's just as well."

Read the rest of this interesting article at http://inspectapedia.com/Energy/Thermal_Mass.htm

Another article HERE: http://www.icfinfo.org.uk/news.php?nw=50

Also, another great article on the same topic is in the attached PDF.


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pdf Thermal_Inertia_of_Concrete_tcm45-340672.pdf (390.60 KB, 8 views)

(1)  "Heat goes from hot to cold, there is no directional bias"
(2) It's wrote, "voilĂ " unless talking musical instruments...

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