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Hi gang-

Menard's 4x8 sheets of twinwall are on sale for only $20 after rebate! That's less than half price. The sale ends at the end of the day Sunday, April 1st., so spread the word to anyone that might be building in the future.

So stock up for any future builds. This is the lowest price EVER by a wide margin!!!

Greg in MN



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That was in their Crazy Days ad.  I only got the regular ad with the paper this week, so thanks for posting this.

Kevin H

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Probably wouldn't have driven the 2 hours each way to Wyoming, but if they do this again, I'll probably do it. 

I want to build two more 4 x 8 collectors and there's nothing near me that's twinwall.

Denver, CO

Double screen hot air collector

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I too have been looking for a twin-wall supplier in the Denver area.  Home Depot has Palram SunLite, but only in 2x8 sheets (I used these in my 2-piece 2x16 ZP).  I thought I found a source in Greenhouse Megastore; they'll sell you a 4x10 sheet of twinwall for $67, but average estimated shipping in continental US is $30 / linear foot (I don't know where they ship from).  You'd be paying $300 to ship that $67 sheet, although I guess you could save on shipping if you ordered more than one piece.  I kept looking.

I stumbled onto a press release for Griffin Greenhouse Supplies in Massachusetts.  They just opened a distribution center in, of all places, Aurora, CO (probably to service the CO marijuana industry).  They're located at 24th and Airport.  They have limited selection selection of sizes in 8mm clear ThermaGlas: 48 inch x 12 ft. and 48 inch x 16 ft.  They quoted me the 12 ft. length at $93.82, not super cheap, but they have it, and you don't have to buy a truckload before they'll talk to you.  I think they can deliver too (didn't ask what that would cost).

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The shipping charges for large sheet goods is so high it is often far cheaper overall to take a road trip with a pickup or trailer. Also check around for a plastic sheet goods distributor. Last time I checked ⅛" clear polycarbonate was going for about $75 for a 4x8 panel. 

Greg in MN
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