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At least you realized the mistake and removed the inside film BEFORE you melted it to the glazing as others have done. I also make it a habit to mark the corner of the UV side so I know which side is which should I remove the glazing in the future. It has saved me before during maintenance.

Greg in MN[wave]


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Once you get the films off you can't tell which side is which.  I write "this side out" on the UV treated side as soon as I remove the film.  Then if I can read it, I've got it right.
Solar is like the wind. It may be free, but putting it to work isn't!
Willie, Tampa Bay

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Well join the herd.....I forgot to mark the 'correct' side on my twinwall (yrs ago). lol I 'think' I placed it correctly the 1st time I mounted the glazing, but didn't mark it after the 1st winter. I have to disassemble my panels each spring.

I did remember the following fall, but had no idea which side was correct.

Now I just mount the stuff & get on with it.

Central IL
Solar air & water

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Love the idea of marking the glazing after it's on. Thanks for that tip.
Also glad I'm not the only dumbass...lol!

Almost ready for install!

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pix before glazing.. 20141205_153551-1.jpg  20141228_140035.jpg

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Looking good Nick-

Remember that you may not want to vent the collector directly into the house for a short time until any odors dissipate. If you have the a speed control for your fan you can slow it down a bit so the unit runs a little hot, but not too hot. It's a great way to ring in the new year with a bit of solar heat.

Greg in MN[thumb]

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It's going into the garage anyway for now...but I got the odor whiff last night when I tested a light bulb outlet(in lieu of the fan) to a plug to the snap switch and heated the snap plug with a heat gun....voila! the light turned on! Another big fan cooled it off and it went out....

Onto cutting holes in the walls and hooking up the 8 inch ducts, after getting the basic electrical ready.
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