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Hi guys:
     I've been considering Solar PV for a long time but has always been hesitant due to the amount of shade on my roof. Recently I came by the opportunity to acquire 50 panels of CIGS solar panels for $.050 per watt. I'm very tempted but If possible I would like the opinion of more experienced heads if this is going to work or not. I've heard that a-Si panels perform well under shade and I'm assuming that  CIGS panels also share that property, but I'm not a 100% sure. Any real world experience on that?
     So my question is a subjective one, but basically it is: if I can get the materials cheap, how much shade can I tolerate and still generate power?
     To help understand my shading problem I did a time lapse of the house that can be seen here (located in Durham, NC) : 


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This is one of the problems with solar.  We all love trees and the shade, BUT...

PV panels will generate in the shade, but at GREATLY reduced output.  While the panels are cheap, you still have to pay for racking, installation, and microinverters.   From your video my OPINION is that it wouldn't be worth the expense.   

Get a professional opinion/analysis.  You might also look around and see if there's a good location for a ground mount.

Solar is like the wind. It may be free, but putting it to work isn't!
Willie, Tampa Bay

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Thanks for the feedback. We already had a professional that said the payback would not work on a professionally installed one. I was hoping to lower the cost by getting these panels and doing the work myself, but it looks like I should spend my time on other projects.



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My installation is in a clear area but the tree on the ridge have to be topped to keep from shading the array. I can get an extra hour in the afternoon from 2pm to 3pm if I keep them trimmed.

Which reminds me I haven't done that this year...SolarSetup.jpg 

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I'd agree with stmbtwle, with that amount of shading, the is no possibility of a return on your investment, (without a substantial cull of trees to the south of course).

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