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WHY are you purchasing a Power Wall Battery Pack?

Yes, a DIY PV Panel installation is much less expensive.


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You really got me thinking. All my appliances are brand new.  I replaced all light with leds.  I even replace my pool pump with a brand new 4 speed pump.  I got this online
"In 2015, the average annual electricity consumption for a U.S. residential utility customer was 10,812 kilowatthours (kWh), an average of 901 kWh per month. Louisiana had the highest annual electricity consumption at 15,435 kWh perresidential customer".  

So how can I be consuming so much more.  My windows are junk.  That I am sure.


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last week usage by hour opera_2017-10-03_08-56-19.png 
Rick H Parker

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So how can I be consuming so much more.  My windows are junk.  That I am sure.

Do you have a year's worth of data?

Rick H Parker
Kansas, USA
Electronics Engineering Technologist

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Are you in Lousiana? It's probably your AC. AC and hot water are the two biggest consumers. I can believe those numbers if you're in an older home. Most electric companies have programs that will help you identify/reduce your consumption. Check with them.

You can "insulate" your windows by making inserts with acrylic glazing from the home store; done carefully they're nearly invisible, and MUCH cheaper than new windows.

I have a "Florida room" which is mostly windows. I don't even try to cool it in the summer. However it's been boarded up since before Irma, and the difference a few sheets of plywood make is amazing.

Willie, Tampa Bay

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I put in dual glazed vinyl windows in my mom's prefab (1600sq' mobile) home back in the 90's.

It was affordable then, just remove the aluminum single glaze and order the new windows with block frames to the right size.

I think it's even easier if you have wood windows.

That and I covered the composition shingles with metal roofing.

Worth the investment.


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Wow $43,000 is a lot for a solar system. My early consumption is a bit over 17,000 Kwh. I am also doing my research now about going solar or not. The last offer I got is for $22,000 for a similar size kit as you described (a bit smaller). Here are few tips I can give you:

1) Offers from solar system installers are very different, surprisingly to me. I got quote even up to +$50,000. The cheapest offer I got was from a smaller company. I think I will go with them, they beat any price so far.

Ask quotes from several companies for the best price.

2) DIY is the best. I know someone that did it on his own and he ended up with ridiculously LOW costs. I am talking around 30% less! Unfortunately I don't have the courage and experience to do it myself...
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