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I bought a home in Grand Lake, Colorado last fall and it has a huge unused south facing rear wall just begging for a solar collector.  I build a hot air collector for my home in Denver 3 years ago and was planning on doing the same for this house. 

Then it occurred to me that doing a liquid collector could be easier if I could easily connect it to my existing gas fired hydronic under floor heating system. 

The existing hydronic system has 6 zones that heat the house and garage, one thermostat for each zone.  It has a manifold for the six zones that controls the water flow. Seems like I'd need to tap into the main manifold and somehow connect to the existing thermostats for calls for heat. I really just thought of this and need to think through it some more. 

I guess I'm sort of rambling, but wondering if anyone has already connected a solar collector to an existing hydronic system. 

Denver, CO

Double screen hot air collector

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