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I am wondering what is the best temp controller to get?  I see the small ones like this on ebay. 
or would I better with something like this?

Also do you guys run the wiring through the ducts or outside them?  I am having troubles with the snap switches and wanted something I could control better. I have a 6 inch hurricane fan I want to use, when I build a larger unit, do I need a separate control for speed also?


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To be honest I believe those two are equivalent. The first is sold under several names including Inkbird (the name on the second). As far as I know, neither has speed control or differential control.

Solar is like the wind. It may be free, but putting it to work isn't!
Willie, Tampa Bay

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You can run wires inside the output duct if you want. I used to do that, but found it easier to run wires externally. The nice thing about the speed controls, as opposed to the snap switches is that there are no electrical wires outside, only temp probe wires. This makes it a bit safer. It also makes it lees likely to attract any code issues from having electrical wires outside. If you do have electrical wires running outside to your snap switch, Make sure you are plugged into a GFCI for safety. 

The Inkbird ITC-306 is the wrong temp control. It is designed to turn on a heat source. You want the ITC-308, which can do both hot and cold applications. But you will be plugging using the COOLING relay, as you want a fan to turn on and cool the collector when it reaches a certain temp. It sounds kinda weird, but it is what it is.

I'm using the ITC-308, so is Krautman. Mranum used the Inkbird ITC-1000. They are basically the same function, but the ITC-1000 is ⅓ the cost, with more complicated, but flexible wiring. The ITC-308 is basically plug and play.



Neither of these units control fan speed.

Greg in MN  

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