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Years ago i built a collector to warm up my shop. It works well on sunny days but i feel i am fighting the slab. On the coldest days if i warm the shop for several hours with a kerosene heater the collector keeps it very comfy. The shop is 24 x 24 on an un-insulated concrete slab. Could i lay foam boards and more concrete to form a solar battery? I do not have a lot of height to play with. So the question is how thin a foam board and how thin can the concrete be, to be worth the effort. The heaviest load would be my f-150 pickup.


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Here in the UK most here build passive esque houses on 300mm expanded polystyrene. Concrete slab goes on top with the ufh pipes about midway for a 100mm slab. Thing is this "heat store" needs to be part of a greater thermal envelope as in walls and ceiling to avoid losing the heat.

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Vertical foamboard insulation around the perimeter of the slab will help. Go as deep as reasonably possible.
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