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Good info. Will keep this in mind for next time.
May be able to crank these up within a month depending on the weather.

Bert K.



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I called Quality Screen this morning to ask if it is possible to order smaller quantities of screen frame that the 8 pc. minimum shown the website. Yes, you CAN purchase less than 8 frame pieces if you enter a note in the comments at the checkout. Simply state how many pieces you want and for a refund on the unneeded pieces per Amanda G

Amanda is the very nice person I talked to and also the person who enters all orders into their system. In my case I'm looking at 12 pcs. of 8' long screen frame, but I only needed 4 short cross braces. So now I can purchase exactly what I need instead of extra, unused pieces. Although an extra frame piece or two might come on handy should you make a mistake. 

Quality Screen is located in Dallas, and frames are shipped in a box with a wood brace to protect the product during shipping.

Greg in MN

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