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in this link here you can see the hot exhaust temperature and cold exhaust temperature at different ratio (hot to cold) with input air/gas at different pressure level. I want to discuss the top here i.e. the data where the input air/gas is at 20 PSIG pressure. You can see that with a 80:20 ratio (cold to hot) the temperature of the hot exhaust is 107°F above the input temperature.
But there is one point. The input air/gas is released from 20 PSIG pressure to atmospheric i.e. 1 barA pressure and that means the temperature of the air flow inside the vortex tube is at around -39°C considering the process to be adiabatic in nature and the temperature of the input air/gas to be at 300°K or 27°C.
Now, the hot exhaust temperature here is to be above 107°F considering the input temperature to be at 27°C but in reality the rise in temperature would be from -39°C, not from 27°C. Therefore, the real rise in temperature should be (59.44 (107°F)+ 27+ 39)°C i.e. 125.44°C.
The whole calculation above is based on one assumption that the process is both isentropic and isenthalpic.
I am sharing my thoughts here just to understand whether I am right or wrong

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