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everytime I get into one project it brings up another in my feeble mind.  hot water panels, circulating water thru a set of coils installed into the duct system of your ac/furnace to give some assist to the furnace. Surely someone has tried this?  I have some large insulated roof panels with aluminum skins I'm itchin to use for wmoething.


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Great minds think alike! [smile]

Yea I thought about the exact same thing last year. However I never got the time to tinker with it. I did locate a section of house ductwork I think it would work. In my case, I was going to use a 6' section of cold air return ductwork, with 2 registers.

My intention was to place a ductfan inside to suck in from 1 cold air register, push it out the other. The fan would activate at the same time the solar panel activated the pump. Whenever the furnace turned on, it would merely suck in some pre-heated air.

I've never had the time to continue with the idea.

Central IL

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jeff, sorry for the delay in getting back to you, did you ever scribble anything down?  i'm not savy on the pump systems, but surly someone someone, somewhere has tried this!

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