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With over 10GW installed capacity, India boasts one of the highest installed solar capacity in the world. However, with a fine geographical location that ensures a high solar potential, the Government of India is gunning to enhance the solar installed capacity ten times in the next 5 years. The National Solar Mission of 100GW by 2022 is quite a stiff target, but both the Central Government and State Governments are working hard towards it.

In order to make this target gettable, several solar policies have been laid down. In fact, in India, virtually every state today has a solar policy of its own with laid down rules for Net Metering and its implementation. This would allow the users to send back the excessive power that their rooftop solar PV systems have generated to the grid and get compensated for the same. So if you are planning to go solar in India, needless to say that you must go through the solar policy of your state and read through the fine print and perhaps demands for any kind of assistance or subsidy in case that is available.

It can be quite a tedious process going through the policies, one by one and requires a lot of time. This is whereMYSUN, a technology lead platform with an aim to ensure that everyone can go solar easily has made life simpler. On MYSUN's dedicated page for Solar policies, you can find all the relevant solar policies, net metering as well as financial options given by a state in a crisp and clean manner. Not just this, the policies are divided category wise as well so in case you want to set up an industry in Delhi, you will be able to find the policy for an industrial consumer in Delhi, or if you are interested in installing solar at your residence or a commercial instalment, you can find policies related to them too. Unlike having to go through and read tons of pages, MYSUN has collated all the data in simplified language for you at one place. There is also a glossary that is in built, which allows you to look up terms or words if you are not very familiar with them.

So if you are planning to go solar or just want to generally know about the latest solar policies, statewide or category wise, you must head over to MYSUN's Solar Rooftop policy page here now.

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SOMEONE, at least, is on the ball!

Solar is like the wind. It may be free, but putting it to work isn't!
Willie, Tampa Bay
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