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I am purchasing a home and have just gone through the home inspection. As a buyer I appreciate how thorough and professional he was in pointing out stuff that was improperly done, or as he called it "Harry Homeowner Projects".

I've been following along (lurking) for a few years and I think I may finally have found a home with a layout conducive to installing a solar hot water system. (Large roof, crawl space, etc...) What worries me is the day down the road when I will want to sell my home. While homes with solar energy systems are coveted as money savers, I want to build a system that will pass muster with a home inspector.

Have any of you gone through this with your solar hot water projects, and is there any wisdom you can share on things that the home inspector unearthed which you could have avoided with a different design?


Doug T.
Pasadena, MD

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