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I agree with the above to check into twin wall...you are lucky to have that cheap source near you. I have to drive 30 miles to get twin wall at a Produce Supply Farm Store for $5.15 per linear foot, 4 foot wide, but can get any length in 2 foot increments...meaning I can buy and pay for 6 foot lengths.  Keep reading the many posts in this Forum and you will get all sorts of ideas.  The common way to control the fans is to connect the fan to a $8 snap switch that comes on at 90 degrees and goes off at 75 degrees, so it runs when there is heat available. I have a little "half fast" air heater on one of my garage doors that operates at lower temps so I used an 80/65 degrees snap switch.  I would suggest that you might want to continue as planned (BTW, nice drawing) and see how the passive system works for you and add a fan or two if you have "excess" heat. Part of the DYI pleasure of this hobby is experimenting with different methods, posting your challenges here and get all sorts of advice from others.  Don't let the fear of imperfection scare you away. Good luck and post lots of pics while you build!


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Bruce, thanks. I really can't wait till the weather warms up and I can start my build. There is a ton of information and ideas on here, takes a bit to get some of the jargon figured out at times. I will get pics on here once I get started.
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